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It all started when...

Two cousins, Kris & Char, decided to take the adventure of a lifetime; compete in the Rebelle Rally. That was just in 2016 and Fast 'n Curious Off-Road has become a quickly growing hit for men and women who love the off-roading lifestyle. 

We feature original and stylish content with products we love! Specifically focusing on the off-road and overlanding lifestyle. 

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Our blog, store, and branding is perfect for small and large brands alike, including advertising and promotional opportunities ranging from traditional banners and integrated content. 

We offer a limited amount of fully sponsored campaigns during the moth to ideal brands, including original design, photography, social media, video, reviews, giveaways, and direct mail marketing.

Every campaign is custom created to your goals and objectives to reach our loyal audience of outdoor enthusiasts.

Email us for a Media Kit, which has all our stats, demographics and promotional opportunities.

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Are you ready to connect with our outdoor and off-road fanatics?

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