We can make a difference together. Our vision is to inspire women, men, girls, and boys to reach for more using courage. Our mission is to do so via off-road events and skill building.

We seek to fund entry to events such as the Rebelle Rally, as well as, parts and upkeep on our vehicle. Although we are not technically a non-profit, we do not do this to make money. We do it to make people. Any amount of money over covering costs is passed through to various charities. Currently, we are restructuring who and how we work with these charities.



We are in constant need of our basic costs being covered. Which include entry fees, parts, vehicle upkeep, parts upgrades, transportation and lodging for events. Help us by making a personal donation. Knowing that any excess over costs is donated towards charities making a difference in promoting women and girls in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics)


Become a marketing Partner

At our core, we are solid and experienced marketers. Be it your need for a brand ambassador or greater reach for product sales. Maximize your marketing budget by adding us to your team. From motor sports and off-roading to outdoor gear, women’s interest, and leadership; we have your market segment covered.