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Rebelle Rally 2017

October 21, 2017 the 2017 Rebelle Rally ended, and Fast n' Curious was there. Finishing 21st over all, we couldn't be happier at our results. This was our first race and first ever attempt at an adventure like this. Words can not describe how amazing it was. The 2018 Rebelle Rally was already being planned the minute we hit the finish line. 

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2018 Sponsorship Open

Join the Team!

2018 Rebelle rally sponsorship open

2017 was an amazing year and an amazing Rebelle Rally. Join our adventure and help us reach the podium. 

Kris Vockler - Driver

Kris Vockler - Driver

Char O'Day - Navigator

Char O'Day - Navigator

Learn more about Char & Kris

Two cool chicks & cousins who love off-roading, competing, and promoting women to do more in the outdoors. Learn about who is at the heart of TEAM FAST 'N CURIOUS and why they would spend seven days driving in the desert with only a map, compass, and a kickass Jeep named Bob.

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Rebelle Rally

Rebelle Rally

What is the rebelle rally?

The Rebelle Rally is the first women’s off-road navigation rally raid in the United States. 
Blending the love of driving with the ultimate challenge of precise navigation, the Rebelle tests your skills over 7 days of competition. It is not a race for speed, but a unique and demanding precision event based on the elements of time, distance, headings, and hidden checkpoints using maps, compass, and roadbook.