Our Vision

Off-Road Racing...Inspiring Others


I've always loved playing with fast things in the dirt. From being a young girl with baseball cards in her bike spokes and dreams of the far off Dakar to mountain biking and dune buggies. 

Overlanding and Jeeping have been a passion and desire for over twenty years. With the completion of the 2017 Rebelle Rally a great dream was realized and new ones formed. 

We have some pretty lofty goals in starting this race team, most of which are not racing. Of course we want to race, push ourselves to be better technical drivers and navigators. At the root of what we want to do is inspire others to do more of what they thought not possible. If we can inspire one young woman to offroad, race, or even own their own business; we will consider ourselves successful.

We chose non-profits to work with who are aligned with similar goals; providing tools and encouragement for people to be more than they can dream.

Please join us by becoming part of the team by buying from our store, helping us to find race sponsorship, and giving back to our non-profits.

Our goal is to stretch ourselves, inspire others to reach big dreams. 

Kris Signature.png

Kris Vockler
Team Leader, TFNC