Product Review: Nebo Roof Rack by TeraFlex

I've had the Nebo rack on my 2014 Jeep JKU since march of 2017. It needed some dwell time on my rig before I wrote a review. 

The Nebo roof rack is a product by TeraFlex Suspensions, one of my favorite Jeep aftermarket product manufacturers. 

The search for a roof rack took a while; my needs were specific:

  • Sturdy enough to withstand a long life of overlanding.
  • Sturdy enough to last the Rebelle Rally.
  • Easy to install.
  • Ease of attaching gear for the trail.
  • Look as if it came from the factory.

After about six months of searching and evaluating rack systems, I learned that there are many systems out there. Many are solid and tried and true to what I needed. They always seemed to be lacking in being streamlined. Meaning, they had supports bolted into the outside of my rig, making a cage over the full length of my Jeep. 

Close to the end of the research period, TeraFlex came out with the Nebo rack. It hit most if not all the marks; appeared sturdy with supports going through the roof to your crossbar. TeraFlex mostly makes "installs" easy with excellent instructions and videos, appeared to have many ways to attach parts, but most of all it looked great. It looks like it came from the factory as an OEM part.

Let's talk about installation; it wasn't easy. Not going to lie, even Dennis Woods assures us in the install video below to breath and relax. It's not a job for one person; you have to remove your hardtop repeatedly. There were three of us on the install and a forklift. Forklift isn't required of course, but it sure was nice in moving the hardtop around. Several hands can take the top off and on just fine. 

Careful attention needs to be placed in drilling holes and properly seating screws to the supports inside on your Jeep. Leaks were my greatest fear, screwing up a fiberglass hard top is just money to get a new one, but a leak is a bad case of, well, you know what I mean. Luckily, TeraFlex did an outstanding job of crafting a product with rubber grommets and other water mitigation ways. So far, I've had zero leaks and I've shaken the rack to some pretty good extremes. 

You will want to take your time, measure twice and drill/cut once. Do not cut any corners; leaks are at stake here!!

When it comes to attaching other gear to the rack, I'm still in the middle of the road on this. The rack system uses some awesome aluminum slats and has many T-Slotted rails to add gear. You can buy sets of T-Slot screws and tie-down rings, from TeraFlex. However, it hasn't been a super easy thing to find at my local hardware store. So, not awful but not super handy. Buy a few packages of T-Slot screws and other fasteners from TeraFlex so you can have options when you want to attach that shovel, hi-lift, and tie-down rings. Be mindful when you go to attach bike racks and kayak racks that you are attaching them to T-Slots. Some bike racks will need to be attached by placing a crossbar across the side rails, making the rack even taller than you may expect. In the end, it did live up to being very versatile in attaching other racks and parts, just be prepared. 


When it comes to aesthetics, TeraFlex nailed it. This rack looks awesome. It looks like it came right from the factory floor. 


Here are a few more shots of the rack.

For the 2017 Rebelle Rally, we didn't need to use the rack for cargo space as we tried to keep weight as low as possible. As you can see, we attached an ARB awning and dune whip. We have had boxes lashed to the roof rack, and it is solid, no doubt about it. On the ARB awing, we struggled to find a way, to attach it well. I'm betting someone has found a better way but we tried the ARB brackets as well as several other methods with no great luck. In the end, we had to have a special bracket made, more on that in the future. But due to all the T-Slot channels, we had places we could get creative. 


  • Stylish OEM look!
  • Extremely study, no leaks or squeaks after months of good use.
  • Many attachment points if you are prepared for using T-Slots.
  • Excellent installation instructions.
  • Many installation videos by TeraFlex on YouTube. 


  • Probably an all day installation effort.
  • Not a solo installation job.
  • Drilling into your hardtop roof. 
  • Not a great way to attach a ladder for getting on the roof.

In the end, I'm very happy so far with the rack. TeraFlex has lived up to their name in producing high-quality parts for Jeeps. It looks sleek and has lived up to every bit they said it would. I would install this on my rig again and recommend it to anyone.