5 Last Minute Christmas Gifts For Your Favorite Off-Roader

Ok, it's getting close. You really don't have much time left. However, if you are finding yourself scrambling for what to give your favorite off-roader, here are some ideas! We use all of these products and absolutely love them.

BioLite CampStove

This is a seriously cool camp stove that we have been using more and more. It uses twigs and other biofuels you can find around you, instead of lugging around gas canisters. Even for day trips, I'll bring freshly roasted coffee and a french press so I can get a perfect cup of coffee. This does the trick. Works perfectly for long trips to head up pots and pans quickly. Don't forget the awesome BioLite KettlePot that goes with it!

Suunto KB-20/360R G Compass

Yes, we all have GPS so why do we need a compass? Simple, electronics fail. Every hiker, hunter, or off-roader should have maps of the area they are in and a compass in their kit. This will not replace your regular compass but for navigating by map, this bearing compass is great for quick readings and off you go.

Maxpedition Fatty Pocket Organizer

Not really a "pocket" organizer as this well made pouch is big enough for all your pens, pencils, knives, flashlights, cables, cords and anything else you don't want to rattle around in your Jeep. Molle system so it attached to any other gear back using the same. We use several of these and give them out as gifts they are so useful. 

Kershaw Ken Onion Blur Folding Knife

This is the newest knife we have started using. Two things we really love about this, the textured grip and how much the knife springs open. Nothing is more frustrating than not being able to thumb your knife open when you need it. 

5.11 Tactical Radio Pouch

Another simple little gift you can give, a radio pouch. All of us who off-road have cell phones, HAM radios, CB radios and if we haven't upgraded to fixed models, they are flying around in our rigs. In an emergency, you want your communication devices next to you. Strapped to your backpack or bag via the Molle system is best. Simple yet perfect little gift for any gear hound.

Promise, we use and love each of these. Use the links provided to help support us. All funds through the above affiliate links go towards helping Team Fast 'n Curious on the road to the Rebelle Rally 2018.