Fast 'n Curious is all about having fun, continually learning, and inspiring others. 



I've always loved playing with fast things in the dirt. From being a young girl with baseball cards in her bike spokes and dreams of the far off Dakar to mountain biking and dune buggies. 

Overlanding and Jeeping have been a passion and desire for over twenty years. With the completion of the 2017 Rebelle Rally a great dream was realized and new ones formed. 

We have some pretty lofty goals in starting this race team, most of which are not racing. Of course we want to race, push ourselves to be better technical drivers and navigators. At the root of what we want to do is inspire others to do more of what they thought not possible. If we can inspire one young woman to offroad, race, or even own their own business; we will consider ourselves successful.

We chose non-profits to work with who are aligned with similar goals; providing tools and encouragement for people to be more than they can dream.

Please join us by becoming part of the team by buying from our store, helping us to find race sponsorship, and giving back to our non-profits.

Our goal is to stretch ourselves, inspire others to reach big dreams. 

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Kris Vockler
Team Leader, TFNC


Started by Kris Vockler & Char O'Day for the 2017 Rebelle Rally. The idea was to complete a bucket list item but we got more than we bargained for. The Rebelle Rally was a life changing event. Read about it - Rebelle Rally 2017 & Post Rally Hangovers.

We hope our adventures in off-road will inspire other women to follow. Turns out, we are pretty inspired by the women inspired in us. 

"Life is what you manage it to mean"

~ Kris Vockler

Kris Vockler - Driver

Charlene O'Day - Navigator


Marketing Services

A big part of what we do is help drive value to our sponsor's brands. We couldn't race, inspire others, or help non-profits we partner without getting help along the way. Take a look below at how we work to help bring your brands to life. 

Instagram Post

Instagram Post


With a growing community on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram; we know to reach your target audience in:

Offroading | Overlanding | Women's Empowerment | Photography | Outdoor Activities | Camping | Adventure Sports | And Many More!

Most of our photography is by award-winning photographer and team co-founder Kris Vockler. Assuring high quality photography and a vibrant content creation engine. 


We create long-term Ambassador relationships with many brands and companies. Some range from product reviews (see example "TeraFlex Nebo Rack") to representation at events. 

Partnering with brands that match our culture are very important and critical to getting the right brand message out for your products and services. 

We use your products and rally behind them!

Example of Social Media & Product review.

Example of Social Media & Product review.

See our Media Coverage page for more media mentions.

See our Media Coverage page for more media mentions.


Many of our races and events come with national and international media coverage, bringing your brands across many platforms to reach your target audience.

We make a splash by competing well, creating life-long friendships, and inspiring others to take action by doing what they feel is impossible. 

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